Here are the evolutions we want to add to the current Xian implementation:
  • Event based interfaces (to trigger link up/ down events for instance)
  • Weighted moving averages
  • New computed metrics
  • Other chipsets support

Changes from v1.1 to v1.2:
  • Implementation of mechanisms enabling bidirectional exchanges of metrics between neighbouring nodes
  • Additionnal code example implementing the ETX metric "Expected Transmission Count"
  • Implementation of the neighboring module maintaining an updated table of the active neighbours by triggering updates necessary to automate XIAN Nano-protocol message exchanges.
Changes from v1.0 to v1.1:
  • Last Madwifi (BSD branch) drivers support
  • Linux kernel 2.6 support
  • Additionnal code example using XIAN (command line tools, QT widget, ...)
If you see anything that you might want to see in Xian, please contact us.